Sunday, December 26, 2010

Digital Fortress

As a fans of Dan Brown, I am always searching for some new books of him, but sadly... after The Lost Symbol there are no other new books... so then I bought this from Popular. XD
Digital Fortress... not similar to The Da Vinci Code or The Lost Symbol... There is NO Robert Langdon...(damn it)... because this is Dan Brown 1st novel... (NVM, this book also very nice).

Digital Fortress is all talking about cheating... government cheating people to build the "super computer", the NSA Deputy Director (Commander Trevor Strathmore) cheating his working partner, the Ensei Tankado cheat the whole world about his unbreakable complex code (Digital Fortress), and the Digital Fortress had cheat the whole NSA....

When you are reading the book, you will feel like "O.... the real bad guy is him" but then after a few pages you will then shout "OMG!! I thought he is the good guy!!!" XD

note* : this book had some above 18 age content so be prepared when reading the book... :D

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